The TREsPASS project has just published the results of the third project year, including important insights in requirements for all aspects related to risk assessment in socio-technical security models, and best practices for dynamics of models and model sharing. The deliverables are available from the Documents page on this site:

D1.1.2 Final specifications and requirements for socio-technical security models
D1.2.2 Final policy specification language
D1.3.2 Extensibility of socio-technical security models
D1.3.3 Dynamic features of socio-technical security models
D2.1.2 Final requirements for the data management process
D2.3.2 TREsPASS social data and policy extraction techniques
D3.1.2 Final requirements for quantitative analysis tools
D3.2.1 Extraction methods for stochastic models
D3.3.2 Methods for stochastic analysis
D4.1.2 Final requirements for visualization processes and tools
D5.1.2 Final requirements for process integration
D5.3.2 Best practices for model creation and sharing
D6.1.2 Final requirements for tool integration
D6.2.2 Final refinement of functional requirements
D6.3.1 TREsPASS user interface
D6.4.2 TREsPASS tools handbook