A study on tangible participative enterprise modelling

TitleA study on tangible participative enterprise modelling
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsIonita D., Kaidalova J., Vasenev A., Wieringa R.J
Conference NameER 2016 Workshops AHA, MoBID, MORE-BI, MReBA, QMMQ, and WM2SP, Gifu, Japan, November 14-17, 2016, Proceedings, Gifu, Japan
Date PublishedNovember
PublisherSpringer Verlag
Conference LocationLondon

Enterprise modelling (EM) is concerned with discovering, structuring and representing domain knowledge pertaining to different aspects of an organization. Participative EM, in particular, is a useful approach to eliciting this knowledge from domain experts with different backgrounds. In related work, tangible modelling (modelling with physical objects) has been identified as beneficial for group modelling. This study investigates effects of introducing tangible modelling as part of participative enterprise modelling sessions. Our findings suggest that tangible modelling facilitates participation. While this can make reaching an agreement more time-consuming, the resulting models tend to be of higher quality than those created using a computer. Also, tangible models are easier to use and promote learnability. We discuss possible explanations of and generalizations from these observations.