Advanced Data Visualisation Workshop with DensityDesign

On friday September 23th, Paolo Ciuccarelli and Michele Mauri of DensityDesign, and TREsPASS partner LUST, will give a data visualisation workshop around security. The workshop is open for security practitioners, people working in data visualisation, students, journalists and those interested in the topic. On thursday September 22nd, Paolo will give a keynote speech at the security track of WTHX, where professionals in the fields of peace, justice and security will meet coders, developers, artists, philosophers and designers. WTHX ('WhatTheHacks') is a crossover between a hackathon and a think tank. In small multidisciplinary teams more than 100 thinkers and makers will assemble for twelve hours of ideation and co-creation during which they will formulate questions and prototype potential solutions for tomorrow's problems. An integrated programme led by experts will provide depth to broaden ideas and views and stimulate the participants to come up with fresh answers. 

Location: Paviljoensgracht 20, LUSTlab theater. Click here to register for the workshop.

# Program
09:30 Doors open, coffee
10:00 Welcome 
10:05 Short introduction and examples: DensityDesign and LUST
10:30 Start workshop, divide in groups
12:30 Lunch (included)
13:45 Continue workshop
16:00 Prepare for presentations
16:30 Presentations
17:00 Drinks 

DensityDesign is a Research Lab in the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. Although producing, collecting, and sharing information has become much easier, robust methods and effective visual tools are still needed to observe and explore the nature of complex issues. Their research aim is to exploit the potential of information visualization and information design and provide innovative and engaging visual artifacts to enable researchers and scholars to build solid arguments. By rearranging numeric data, reinterpreting qualitative information, locating information geographically, and building visual taxonomies, we can develop a diagrammatic visualization—a sort of graphic shortcut—to describe and unveil the hidden connections of complex systems. Our visualizations are open, inclusive, and preserve multiple interpretations of complex phenomena.

DensityDesign is committed to collaborating with other researchers and organizations devoted to academic independence and rigor, open enquiry, and risk taking to enhance our understanding of the world.

Paolo Ciuccarelli is the Scientific Director at DensityDesign Research Lab and Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano. 

Michele Mauri is collaborating with DensityDesign since 2009, Michele Mauri is currently research fellow at Polytechnic University of Milan, where he teaches and research. In 2015 he obtained a PhD degree in Design with the dissertation “Design of the un-finished”. He’s interested in data visualization, statistics, born-digital data sources and, of course, graphic design.

LUST is a multidisciplinary design practice established in 1996 based in The Hague, Netherlands. LUST works in a broad spectrum of media including traditional printwork and book design, abstract cartography and data-visualisations, new media and interactive installations, and architectural graphics. LUST’s design methodology is process-based, founded upon the development of an analytical process which leads eventually to an end-product that designs itself. Moreover, LUST is deeply interested in exploring new pathways for design at the cutting edge where new media and information technologies, architecture and urban systems and graphic design overlap. This fascination led to the establishment in 2010 of a new research-based art & technology atelier dubbed LUSTlab, a laboratory and platform for research, experiment and generating hypotheses in the fields of art, design and technology.