TREsPASS partners with WTHX#3: Peace, Justice, Security + Code

22nd of September 2016 the 3th edition of WTHX will be held in The Hague. Professionals from the fields of peace, justice, and security come together with creatives, coders, techies, designers, journalist, artists and philosophers at WTHX for a 12 hour rollercoaster of ideation and co-creation. In small multidisciplinary teams, the 125+ attendees will formulate questions and prototype potential solutions for tomorrow’s issues. These teams use the themes of peace, justice, and security as their starting point.

Within this context, TREsPASS has adopted the security track, and will set an ideation question for the teams to work on focussing on the visualisation aspects of security and risk.

TREsPASS visualisation workshop
The day after the WTHX event, September 23, the workshop will continue, as an advanced visualisation workshop, aimed at people working in the security domain as well as consortium members and students. In the workshop there will be a focus on social components in visualisation and participant will discover how to make sense of complex data and explore how to visualise complex networks. 

The workshop will be free of charge to participants.