TREsPASS visualisation award at Border Sessions 2015

Wednesday 11 November TREsPASS will have a visualisation and rapid prototyping workshop and the winners of the Visualisation competition will be announced at Border Sessions in The Hague. 

In this hack challenge you will be encouraged to design for one of the most challenging briefs in privacy design: designing for pre-literate people with complex communication needs. Such people rely on a complex interplay of technology, family relationships and clinical support to give them a voice. Internet-fuelled apps have the potential to enrich the lives of people with complex communication needs and their families. However, designing to help protect the privacy and to maintain the safety of this vulnerable community when using such technology is paramount.

In this rapid prototyping workshop, participants will work in small groups to identify privacy and e-safety risks in this scenario and to design responses to those risks.

Visualisation Award 
In the afternoon, there is a second session, with a keynote by Joe Reddington and we will present the prizes for the winners of the TREsPASS visualisation competition.

Joe’s talk follows on from the morning’s Hack Challenge: Designing for limit cases in user privacy and the talk will partly on privacy challenges when designing for technology to support those with complex communication needs.

The title of Joe’s talk is “Off the edge of the data privacy map” and in this talk Joe will describe how technology is used to support complex communication needs, some of the situations in which the need to hack this type of technology may arise and the privacy risks that emerge. Joe focuses his talk from the perspective of people who have complex communication needs and examines the impact of hacking such technology as well as the possibilities for both communicating and responding to technology-related risks in this setting. Healthcare security specialist Trish Williams will respond to Joe’s talk, exploring the risks from the perspective of healthcare professionals and institutions.

There then follows a presentation of the entries and winners of the TREsPASS visualisation competition.