TREsPASS at Border Sessions 2015: Activism, Security & Societal Impact

TREsPASS is proud to be a partner of Border Sessions, where we participate in the track Activism, Security & Societal Impact. Join us on November 11 and 12 in The Hague with 60+ Sessions, 90+ speakers and 1000+ participants. At Border Sessions, we will host a visualisation workshop and we will present the winner(s) of the cyber security visualisation poster competition. Next to TREsPASS partners we will have two special speakers addressing the relation between healthcare and security: Joe Reddington and Trish Williams

Activism, Security & Societal Impact

The fast expanding digital realm offers many new possibilities and challenges. What was once an exciting opportunity to create a parallel world on a new set of shared values for many, has grown into something much more like our real world than most of the early pioneers had hoped for. Is it still worth pushing for a digital realm that differs fundamentally from the values and methods we apply in the real world? Or is it even worse and are the rules in the digital world far less open, reciprocal, humanistic and global with sovereign states and corporations controlling access and data. Many important questions arise: Will there still be room for activism? What price do we pay for efficiency and security? Is access to governmental and corporate data a principal need in our society, as it’s the only way to control our states and corporations while they present us their increasingly persuasive technologies? And with the rise of cyber warfare and cyber control, is there something like dual-use software? We invite hackers, thinkers, scientists and designers to debate the upcoming changes in both the real and digital world during Border Sessions.