TREsPASS launches visualisation competition

As part of TREsPASS we are running a competition for visualisations that capture the social and technical complexity of so-called "cyber attacks". We are asking you to think about cyber attacks from one of the following perspectives:

Cyber attacks on people
Explain: how your personal safety and security might be threatened by an attack on a piece of technology. What form does this attack take? How might it be experienced? What makes this attack successful?

Innovate: an idea for a new social media app that can tell you if a cyber attack is affecting you. What would make this social media app effective and reliable? Why would people want to use this app?

Cyber attacks on the State
Explain: how the security of the State might be threatened by an attack on its digital and cyber infrastructure. What form might an attack take? What are the impacts of such an attack? Who wins and who loses with such an attack?

Question and Discuss: What motivates the political discussion about cyber attacks? Can we separate attacks in cyber space from behaviours and attitudes in physical space? Are cyber attacks on the State political or technical attacks?

Cyber attacks on technology
Explain: how the security of technology and technologically held data might be threated by an attack on the technology? What form might an attack take? What might make this attack successful?

Share: brainstorm with others to explain how such attacks are formed. Devise a game or a puzzle to collaborate with others to deepen an understanding of such attacks. Innovate a crowdsourcing idea to find new ways to gather and share information about such attacks.

For all the details about the competition please visit the dedicated website at