Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is a young university founded in 1978 specialising in the classical engineering sciences. The university has an interdisciplinary and industrial focus with a third of its budget coming from external sources. TUHH has around 100 professors, 1,150 employees (including 500 academic staff) and around 6,000 students. TUHH has a strong international orientation with more than 1000 international students. The Institute for Security in Distributed Applications was established in 2003 as an endowed chair. The institute has its main focus on application security. Current research activities cover the design of privacy preserving smart meters and IT security for container transport. The institute is a partner in the ContainIT project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The objective of ContainIT is the design of a common conceptual platform for identifying and preventing critical situations (risk profiling) for container transports based on an ICT multi-layer architecture. The institute has been involved in research activities on risk analysis also in the health sector and the airline industry. In the TREsPASS project TUHH contributed to the design and evaluation of risk analysis methodologies.