itrust consulting sàrl, Luxembourg

itrust – acronym for "Information: Techniques and Research for Ubiquitous Security and Trust" – consults for its public, financial, and private sector customers to protect their information against disclosure, manipulations and unavailability. The company acquires know-how in engineering and sciences, enabling it to find the economically appropriate solution for a particular security requirement. It applies and develops research projects, norms, security controls and information processing techniques, covering topics like Information Security Management Systems, risk management, digital signature, cryptology, Internet security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security and Space, Computer Forensic, etc. itrust is very active in risk assessment, risk treatment, and intrusion testing and has developed its own integrated tools to assess risks, derive risk treatment plans, ensure security assurance, and document, e.g., ISO 27001 compliance.

In the TREsPASS project, itrust used its substantial experience in European projects to safeguard final integration, by leading the corresponding work package, as well as contributions in others.