GMV SGI, Spain

GMV-SGI of Grupo GMV is a privately owned company founded in 1984. It provides engineering and expert support services to the aerospace, defence, transportation and telecommunications industries. It designs, develops, integrates and delivers turn-key systems for advanced applications in these markets. Clearly geared towards high-technology markets such as the aerospace and defence markets, the group’s structure is now made up of four subsidiaries: GMV, S.A. (telematics solutions for aerospace and defence) GMV Sistemas, S.A. (GNSS applications and transport), GMV-SGI (Soluciones Globales Internet, S.A., Global IT Security and e-Solutions) and GMV Space Systems Inc. GMV-SGI aims at supporting the organisations wishing to integrate the new IT services into their business processes. Furthermore, GMV-SGI has become a reference company in the IT Security field and thus is specialised in providing our customers with Security, IT infrastructure engineering and integration, having in place an Information Security Management System certified by AENOR according to UNE71502 / ISO27001. GMV-SGI main areas of expertise in the IT security field are: Corporate security policies and plans, Network security, R&D on new telecomm networks, Public Key Infrastructure, Security audits, Secure applications development; with target markets: Defence, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Information Technologies for Public Administration and large corporations. GMV has a vast experience in previous Framework Programs being the 4th Spanish company in contract volume for previous FP projects. (DESEREC, WINTSEC, REPOSIT, LIMES, BEINGRID, ARGUGRID, PREVIEW, ISCAPS, OPTIMAL, WIN, COMETS, POLARIS, MORYNE, POLARUSL) In the TREsPASS project, GMV-SGI used its expertise within the field proposed in the project and the security activities in the GMV-SGI group in its role as a main contributor to WP2 “Data management process” and WP7 “Validation through case studies”.