Project Partners

The TREsPASS consortium comprises the entire value chain, including academic researchers in the social and the technical sciences, researchers and practitioners from large multinational companies, and developers and practitioners from SMEs.

Key application areas

Several partners bring in expertise in key application areas - telecommunications, cloud computing, critical infrastructures and consumer privacy - that form the basis of the case studies.

Socio-technical expertise

The partners of the TREsPASS project have worked on all relevant aspects of risk management, either in the technical or in the social domain, or in both. Some partners have already worked for a number of years on the integration of the social and technical aspects of risk.

Existing collaborations

The project builds strongly upon existing collaborations, thereby ensuring the cooperation of the partners and the coherence of the consortium. 

Large system design expertise

Partners in the consortium have built large IT infrastructures, such as a secure national e-voting system or public and private cloud infrastructures and have therefore first hand experience in analysing and managing the socio-technical risks of such systems. Partners from the art and design community and has a track record in developing visualisations to capture and communicate socio-technical concepts.


The consortium is active in international standardisation of risk management frameworks, and has extensive experience in analysing the Information Security Risks associated with secure distributed systems.