Consult Hyperion, UK


Consult Hyperion is an independent IT consultancy that specialises in secure electronic transactions. We have spent two decades helping organisations to make the right commercial and technical choices, exploiting technologies ranging from smart cards and mobile phones to contactless tickets and electronic ID in mass-market systems that include global payments, national and regional ticketing, international settlement, national identity and corporate services. Consult Hyperion helps organisations around the world to exploit new technology for secure electronic transaction services from mobile payments and “chip and PIN” to contactless ticketing and smart identity cards. Their aim is to assist customers in reaching their goals in a timely and cost-effective way. Consult Hyperion supports the deployment of practical solutions using the most appropriate technologies and have globally recognised expertise at every step in the electronic transaction value chain, from authentication, access and networks, to transactional systems and applications. They have extensive experience in analysing the Information Security Risks associated with secure distributed systems, which handle up to £1 trillion pounds of transactions per day. In the TREsPASS project, CHYP contributed to case study, benchmarking, validation and comparison activities, as well as exploitation.